Thursday, September 14, 2006

From DWG to SKP to AVI in under 90 minutes !

(press and hold the play button, perhaps more than one time..)

I created this cheesy video above as a sample to a client but I think that the product in general is usable !

I started with very basic DWG Solids then to SKP then to AVI. All in under 90 minutes.

Well as previously noted I am a little late getting on the SketchUp band wagon but since I heard it works so well with AutoCAD solids I had to try it out.

Two words > BLOWN AWAY.

I am an old 3D wire frame guy from way back and quite enjoying all the new ammenities that AutoCAD 2007 offers for 3D. Then to top it off I can instantly import my DWG ACIS solid models into SketchUp. So I can be comfortable, accurate and efficient by using all my existing AutoCAD 3D skills, including the latest AutoCAD 2007 improvements. Then I bring it to life with SketchUp.

Once in SketchUp (downloaded for free) I add the trees, benches, people, background buildings and then create a slide show with pages. Lastly I run the slide show and record it.

I was just playing around with the video above but with someone else doing the voice, it just might be usable.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My second SketchUp model

Well I am sure 1000's of people have already done this but WOW !
After playing around for an hour or two I located where you can download 1000's of SketchUp components and here is the result.

Go here to download tons of free up to date SketchUp components.

These components install in a folder called /@software/SketchUp/Components/ under program files. Then inside SketchUp, open the Component window and on the right hand side click the arrow and add this folder to the favorites. Then they are all there for the picking.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

First SketchUp Model !

Well this is my first SketchUp model. It took me all of 20 minutes to draw. I then proceeded to link it straight into REVIT 9 and it's awesome.

I can see plenty of potential.

This is the Free version of SketchUp Google.

Here's a link with some SketchUp Information.